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Policies and Regulations

Site Content   As a member of a professional community, iPartner.net believes that it has a responsibility to reflect only the highest standards. iPartner.net does not tolerate any of the following content on its virtual hosting sites:
  1. nudity, pornography or other sexually explicit material, foul language, hate propaganda, or other material that could be considered offensive.
  2. illegally obtained or otherwise copyrighted material, including web page content, images or "mp3" files (MPEG-1, audio layer 3). If you don't have written permission from the author or owner of a particular file, don't use it.
  3. SPAM. You may not send unsolicited bulk email from your iPartner email account or in any other way associate iPartner.net with such activity
  4. WaReZ. Software or data files obtained and distributed illegally. This is an extention of copyright law and/or possibly trade law.
Any customer found in violation of this agreement may be notified and will have 12 hourse from the time of notification to remove the offending material. After 12 hours, if the material has not been removed, the host will be terminated. Please contact us with any questions regarding material suitable for your host.

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