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What You Need   What do you need to publish a web site?

1. a domain name
2. a high-speed, reliable virtual server from iPartner.net
3. a webmaster to build your site
Promote Your Web Site   What do you need to promote your web site?

1. search engine submissions
2. advertising banners
3. targeted ad campaigns
How You Get It   It's simple. Just send an email to sales@ipartner.net specifying which virtual server and other services you'd like to get. Let us know if you want us to register a domain name, or move an existing domain name from your current ISP. Include your name, business name, billing address, phone number, and current email address. We'll get you going in less than 2 business days.

Not sure if your favorite domain name is available? You can check with our WhoIs query. Just type in yourdomain.com (without the 'www') and click the "Query" button. If the results say "No match for "YOURDOMAIN.COM", the domain name is yours for the taking.

What It Costs   Getting a web site set up is remarkably inexpensive. The following table is a rough cost guide for doing business with iPartner.net:
Domain Name Registration $70
Zone File Modification $25
Virtual Server $50–$235/mo
Webmastering $25/hr
Ad Banner Creation $20/hr
Search Engine Submission $10/mo
iPartner.net, as an iServer reseller, can process your domain name application at no charge in usually less than 1 business day for iPartner.net customers. InterNIC registration fees still apply. Contact domain@iPartner.net for details. InterNIC registration fee of $70 covers 2 years. You will be billed $35 each year after that.
iServer charges $25 to modify what are called its "zone files" which direct web traffic destined for your server to the right location. Think of it as your local Yellow Pages entry. This is a one- time fee.
doing it yourself may cost as low as $0 except what you may wish to pay for an HTML editor. Professional webmaster fees vary widely.
see below for details. This is a monthly "rental fee" for the server disk space, services, and functionality. A sales tax will be assessed to this fee if your virtual server is used for profit.
Virtual Servers   iPartner.net is an iServer virtual server reseller. This means that we can offer you the world-class virtual servers that iServer is known for, at a discounted price.

iPartner.net is not a dial-up service provider, nor do we provide webmastering services; we just do professional web hosting and virtual servers. Ideally, you are a webmaster looking out for your business' interests and have come here looking for a superior product at a good price. Or perhaps you're a business or individual with some webmastering skills (or who knows someone with webmastering skills) ready to build your Internet presence.

Consider a few good reasons why you should get a virtual server. Not satisfied? Consider a few technical reasons why you should get an iPartner.net virtual server. Oh, so you're a geek, eh? Here you go

Server A Server B Server C
Disk Space 70 MB 200 MB 500 MB
Email POP 1 unlimited unlimited
Email Aliases unlimited unlimited unlimited
Bandwidth* unlimited unlimited unlimited
Root Telnet Yes Yes Yes
Setup $50 $50 $50
Monthly Cost $50 $90 $235
Not only do you get unlimited bandwidth, you're connected to the Verio backbone via redundant OC3 connections--among the fastest on the 'Net! You are also connected to the Sprint backbone on T3 lines. As an iServer reseller, we can offer you the very best connectivity available today.
One caveat: while we offer you unlimited bandwidth, please note that your virtual server does have physical process limitations. We recommend when your virtual server A or B is nearing 50,000 hits per day to consider a Server C, which has more memory and a higher concurrent process limit.

How You Get It (again)   Send an email to sales@ipartner.net with the following information:
  • server type (e.g., "Server B")
  • domain name you want us to register*
  • organization name, address, city, state, zip, country
  • billing contact, organization, street address, city, state, zip, country, phone, fax, email
*Check to see if the domain name you want is available using our WhoIs query. If the query replies with "No match for "YOURDOMAIN.COM" (where YOURDOMAIN.COM is what you typed in), that domain name IS AVAILABLE.
Other Services   iPartner.net also provides a few other basic Internet services:

Service Cost Comments
Domain Name Registration free domain name reservation fees are waived with each virtual server product purchased
Public Domain Name Reservation $10 The cost of public domain name reservation can be applied toward the setup fees with a new iPartner.net Virtual Server or host


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