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How To...   Look here for your basic "how to" questions and answers for your iPartner.net host, including changing your password, uploading files to your host using FTP, querying the InterNIC domain name service to see if a domain name is taken.
Standard Support   We offer unlimited email support. If you have a problem with a product or service and you can't find the answer in our FAQ or How-To section, send an email to support@iPartner.net and we'll respond to your message the same day if you send it before 5 pm (business days). We're committed to offering you excellent products and services.
Software Support   For virtual host support, contact us at support@ipartner.net for free unlimited email support, including cgi script assistance, or other concerns.

For virtual server support, contact us at support@ipartner.net for free unlimited email support. Many server products come with third-party software (such as Microsoft FrontPage, HTMLScript (Miva) or other CGI scripts like web counters and shopping carts). We offer links and documentation to most of the software on our system, but occasionally, this documentation is not very good or too technical. Our system administrator will configure your system with whatever software you wish at a rate of $50 per hour. Once software is installed and configured, changes or re-configurations are seldom required unless you as the site manager desire them.


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