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iPartner.net Virtual Servers

Why an iPartner.net Server?   Simply put: they're awesome. Before we look at why they're awesome, think of all the things could do if you had your own host—ftp web pages to and fro, receive email, host your own web site, et cetera, all at a low cost.

Now think of all the limitations most current hosting solutions have: space restrictions, poor Internet connectivity, server configuration restraints, software limitations, little or no CGI support.

Now, imagine all of the advantages of a hosting site with all the limitations removed. Imagine your web site on a high-speed server with redundant OC3 connectivity to the Verio backbone and DS3 connectivity to the Sprint backbone (consistently the two fastest commercial backbones in the world); imagine complete control over all server functions, including log files, cgi scripts, server software (like MS-Frontpage, Miva, SSL, iSTORE, and more); imagine all this for the price of many current hosting solutions.

You have just imagined the iPartner.net Virtual Server.

Sound nice? It is. Sound complex? It ain't. Like a fine automobile, each server you buy is ready to deliver the highest performace from the moment you get the keys. Each server comes complete with a hardcopy manual and unlimited email support. So even if you don't know your hardware from your software, you can make a strong presence on the Internet.

So what else do you need besides a great server from iPartner.net? You'll need a webmaster—someone who knows how to build web pages and configure your server's software (like FrontPage 98, Miva, iSTORE, or other e-commerce packages, for example).

Please contact us for details on how iPartner.net can put your business in the fast lane of the information superhighway.


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